Rexel Momentum X410 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

Rexel Momentum X410 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

First impression:

Rexel Momentum X410 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

Rexel Momentum X410 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

Today the Rexel Momentum X410 Cross Cut Paper Shredder is on test – and makes a good impression at first glance with the soft-touch controls and the new, very technical design of the Momentum range and large viewing window.

On paper, that is purely technical, completely sufficient: very quiet (62 dB), inexpensive (+/- £70 class), security level P-4 (4 x 28 mm) and sufficiently strong for the target group (mainly home office) (3 minutes continuous load with a maximum of 10 pages [80 gsm] followed by a 60 min cooling-off period). If the continuous load were a little higher, the X410 would certainly also be something for small offices with 2-3 employees, if not too much paper has to be processed per day. In the following, we test whether the first impression is correct.

The Rexel X410 Momentum is a device that was designed for home office use and is absolutely sufficient for this. The security level (P-4) for invoices or e.g. tax documents, this standard is absolutely sufficient. We recommend at least P-4 (particle size on the X410 around 4 x 28 mm) and cross-cut in case you have nosy neighbors. 

With its anthracite design, the X410 Momentum looks great in any ordinary office environment. The Rexel X410 Momentum only stands out when it is on its own, in the middle of the room. With its low height of just over 42 cm, a place under the desk is, of course, no problem. The Rexel X410 Momentum is very compact and light (L x W x H = approx. 24 x 36 x 42 cm at 6.5 kg weight) – and with a sufficiently large collection bin of 23 liters for around 170 shredded sheets, it fits inconspicuously under the desk. With all document shredders, the particle cut produces a white mountain of paper particles, which should be pushed around from time to time – the viewing window is, unfortunately, a little dark – if you don’t want to empty it excessively often. Unfortunately, you have to lift the cutting head to empty the shredder, and paper shreds tend to fall out of the way. Unfortunately, there is no practical bin drawer in this price range.

In front of the paper slot, the (minimum) functions of the X410 are the “R” (reverse), “ON(off)” and automatic (via light barrier) switches, “►”(forward) next to the overheating LED – the main switch for on/off is set slightly lower. The automatic stops shredding automatically when there is too much paper, overheated, overloaded or the waste paper basket has been removed. The “R” (return) button helped us reliably clear the paper jams provoked by 5 of the 6. Only in one case did we have to fish out the stuck paper scraps at great expense. 

The operating noise is discreetly quiet, above average in this shredder price class, at 62 dB in idle mode. This is roughly equivalent to a quiet (muffled) conversation in close proximity. By far most purchasers of document shredders complain about the processing noise – but here the X410 Momentum is quieter than average and thus more pleasant than almost all document shredders in this price class. 

How and what did we test?

Rexel Momentum X410 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

Rexel Momentum X410 Cross Cut Paper Shredder

We loaded the Rexel X410 Momentum with (according to the instructions) a maximum of 10 sheets per pass. To do this, we prepared many packs of 10 sheets and threw them in one by one – staples and paper clips were no problem, by the way. With an idling noise of 62 dB, the X410 starts and stops automatically. After (manually stopped) 8.5 seconds, the Rexel Momentum finishes cutting the 10-sheet packet. 

The manufacturer’s note with the maximum 10 sheets (80 gsm quality) defines the maximum possible amount of paper that just barely goes through without (regularly) leading to paper jams. It’s like a car – it can go 200 km/h – but only in exceptional cases and not all the time. You notice immediately that the X410 Momentum is already struggling with this amount – but at least it manages. The (normal) processing speed drops sharply and the motor heats up noticeably. At this maximum load, continuous operation for just over 3 minutes is possible. This is followed by a technical pause of around 57 minutes to cool down – which is pretty much in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. The fastest way to work is to avoid this kind of continuous overload – this way you save the waiting time for cooling down. If you want to process a maximum amount of paper in continuous use, you should aim for a continuous output of 4 sheets at a time with the Rexel X410 – it needs about 7 seconds per pass and the time for “continuous use” could thus be extended considerably.

Standard paper clips (no oversize clips!) are allowed by the manufacturer; they did not cause any problems in our test. However, the manufacturer excludes many media from processing: Newspapers, transparencies, laminated documents, labels, plastic films and CDs/DVDs/credit cards. In the case of foils, the issue is usually that they cannot be transported permanently, as the transport roller slips on the smooth media and/or the paper then jams.  

What we liked:

(+) very quiet – above average for the price range (maximum 63 dB)

(+) automatic start/stop on paper contact

(+) Touch control buttons (normally only available in the next price category up)

(+) Price-performance ratio very good, tidy at low workloads.

(+) multilingual instructions – mostly with pictograms or pictures

(+) Security level P-4 is ideal for home office / small office.

What we didn’t like:Rexel Momentum X410 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

(-) The viewing window for the fill level is quite good, could be deeper

(-) short maximum load of 3 minutes, then about 60 minutes break, but sufficient for a home office or small office (with about 2-3 employees).


The Rexel X410 Momentum is a reliable shredder if you don’t run it with too high a continuous load. With security standard P-4 you have a very good standard for home office or partly also for a small office. All combined with a good price/performance ratio. 

If you want to process CDs/DVDs/credit cards, you have to take a sturdy pair of scissors. 

… and was there anything else?

… after purchase, you should run a sheet of oiled paper through after each emptying, and not spray oil directly into the paper slot. The manufacturer recommends a regular “oil cure”. This is important to keep the volume constant and cutting performance high. You can also buy oil paper from any supplier. If you do not have any oil paper at hand, you can help yourself. Use a small bottle of fine oil or sewing machine oil to write a giant W on that sheet, then insert it into the shredder and let it run through.

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