Leitz 80090000 IQ Home Office paper shredder Review


Leitz 80090000 IQ Home Office paper shredder Review

First impression:

Leitz 80090000 IQ Home Office paper shredder: The document shredder with security level P4, from the company Leitz, makes a very good and high-quality impression with its stylish housing – at least in white. For those who don’t have much space, a slim version can also be ordered (about £10 more expensive – with the designation 80010000 or Leitz IQ SL Home Office ), whereby the controls are then found on the narrow side. The shredder motor, which weighs around 5kg, sits securely on the 23L collection container. The real one is also useful!

Toggle on/off switch, which of course is supported by a soft-touch on/off switch on the front. All you have to do now is put the sheets in the feeder (because of the automatic paper recognition). The 3 LEDs indicate: ready for operation, overheating and paper jam (with automatic paper ejection).

Leitz 80090000 IQ Home Office paper shredder Product Information:

Technical details:

brand Leitz
model number 80090000
item weight 6.5kg
product dimensions 23.9 x 35.6 x 42.4 cm
colour White
product count 1
size Particle Cut – 10 sheets of paper
manufacturer number 80090000

Shredding Capacity:

The Leitz paper shredder is not the fastest, but in the midfield in terms of speed in the 80-90 euro price range. The device destroys reliably at security level P4 and creates 4x28mm snippets. Nobody puts them together anymore. The eternal question about paperclips and tacker needles – he pulls through everything – but the metal parts should still be removed beforehand.

According to the manufacturer, the Leitz 80090000 (who thinks up these stupid device numbers!!) is not suitable for credit cards or CDs – but in the review, it reliably disassembled them (of course we caught the plastic parts in a plastic lunch box underneath ). The upper limit of 10 hands can be taken as a natural limit. It pulls through up to 8 sheets fairly quickly, with more paper you can already hear “the suffering”. 10 sheets already run much slower. On the eleventh page, the automatic rewind starts reliably.


"Leitz 80090000 IQ Home Office paper shredder Review

We were also able to measure the specified 62 dB, which fluctuates slightly because the motor starts up with a really howling noise (62 dB) when you approach the stack of paper to the slot. But as soon as the Leitz 80090000 starts shredding, it gets quieter again. The Leitz IQ Office 80030000 paper shredder is recommended for sensitive ears – admittedly it is clearly expensive at around €220, but the shredding noise is more of a murmur (at 58 dB) and not a high-revving engine whine (62 dB). And when you think – hey, that’s only a 4 dB difference – the measuring scale for decibels (dB) is not linear (meaning that a noise source of 100 dB is not twice as loud as at 50 dB, for example) ,
you have to remember that 60 dB is twice as loud as 50 dB. And 60 decibels is also the volume of a “normal” conversation.

leitz document shredder iq home office p4


Overall , the document shredder is ideal for small offices or home offices. In the event of overheating, it switches off automatically after 6 minutes of continuous work and, in the event of a paper jam, it feeds back the remains of the sheets drawn in. The cooling time in the test was around 1 hour. For those who cannot assess whether 6 minutes of continuous operation is sufficient – we were able to destroy an entire (Leitz :-)folder content (approx. 600 sheets) in 6 minutes. But these are ideal conditions, since the 600 pages have already been divided into 10-page stacks and the packets can be thrown in directly one after the other. In addition, the collection container of the Leitz 80090000 is full after about half the contents of the folder and you have to empty it etc.

Conclusion: If, on the other hand, you want to destroy your entire paper collection from the last 10 years, you have to bring a little more time, but sorting a folder into even 10-page packets also takes time and emptying etc.

In short, what we like less:

To empty, you have to turn off the shredder and remove the attachment. The paper particles in the cutting unit fall out and you can pick them up or vacuum them up.
The recessed grips indicated for removing the cutter are more slippery than helpful
If the shredder switches to anti-paper jam and ejects the sheets again, the stack is not completely ejected – you have to pull hard to free the paper again.
Since the viewing window only shows the top area, the rest is in the dark so you can only really see the level late. Background: the viewing window is not clear plastic, but slightly gray.
As with all other tall document shredders, the paper first falls in the middle and forms a mountain, which then quickly triggers the anti-paper jam function – simply tap the container every now and then to spread the paper.

Leitz 80090000 IQ Home Office paper shredder Review

Of course, it is even better to push the paper down again when you see the first snippets in the viewing window.
The standby power consumption is a bit high at 1.9W. Regular oiling of the cutting unit is mandatory for every shredder so that the cutting blades do not wear out too quickly. While many manufacturers use a special oil, Leitz should only use oil sheets. Corresponding sheets can be found as accessories. (There are said to be people who squirt a huge W onto a paper with standard sewing machine oil and then run the sheet through the shredder, but of course, the manufacturer’s product is safer).

The printed, multilingual user manual (2 pages in German) incorrectly says “no oil”, which of course makes many users ponder – of course, this does not mean that foreign or any other oil dribbles into the shredder, but only use the enclosed oil papers. There is also no indication of how often this has to be done – we always oil with 1 sheet each time we have emptied the collection container.

Conclusion:Leitz 80090000 IQ Home Office paper shredder Review

But the plus/minus points listed above are either the same for all other document shredders or other shredders have other limitations – so that’s complaining at a high level. The Leitz 80090000 IQ Home Office is always worth its price because – very reliable and enhances the entire office with its appearance and performance. The Leitz 80090000 IQ Home is really impressive and is optically and technically recommended for the home office and 3-5 person office. Unfortunately, if you want more shredding power, you have to pay more.

Leitz 80090000 IQ Home Office paper shredder Review
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