GENIE 580 XCD Shredder Review

GENIE 580 XCD Shredder Review

First impression:

Genie 580 xcd shredder: From an ecological point of view, we attach importance to sensible and economical packaging. The Genie 580 XCD was delivered in a box in which it was only fixed with cardboard (no polystyrene). However, the cutting unit, collection bin, CD container and cable were ALL individually wrapped in foil – that doesn’t have to be the case. 

The unit has a nice, clean design and is available in black or white – always with a practical handle to lift the cutting block and empty the cuttings, plus the confusion-proof fit of the 21 liters collection bin with a viewing window. Paper (without paper clips) and cardboard are permitted – but staples can stay. In addition, you can also have DVDs/CDs and credit cards cut up – a function you need relatively rarely, but never mind. But it has been thought of that for DVDs/CDs/cards there is a separate, small waste paper basket inside (so that nothing gets mixed with the paper and can be disposed of well separately) – with its own cutting mechanism.

Like all shredders in this price range, the Genie 580 CXD is reduced to its basic functions. It is very easy to use, there are 3 levels: Off = Off / REV = Reverse (in case something gets caught) / AUTO = Automatic, so stand-by function until paper enters the feed slot. 

The instructions are very well written. Besides the installation, there are some protective instructions so that the machine is not overloaded. There is also some information on troubleshooting. 

Cutting performance:

GENIE 580 XCD Shredder Review

GENIE 580 XCD Shredder Review

Without problems, 10 sheets or thicker cardboard is cut into 4×18 mm small snippets. We often had the problem that the paper did not feed in exactly straight – difficult without a feed aid – in this case, the paper is folded at the edges and then has twice the sheet thickness. The paper was therefore not transported further and could only be pulled out again with difficulty via the return.

Sometimes the paper got completely stuck and we had to carefully “free” the pressed paper scraps with a screwdriver. To avoid this, you either have to insert the paper straight into the paper slot or you must not use the maximum possible capacity. During our tests, we found that 5-6 sheets at a time (or less) were no problem.  

We were enthusiastic about the separate collection box for CD/DVD/credit cards. The cutting of the CD/card plastic works reliably, but the small container does not always reliably holds back the cuttings, sometimes even paper ends up in it. The reason seems to be that there is no closed connection to the large cutting unit. There is room for improvement when it comes to cutting up credit cards – very large chips are left over, so that the (credit) card chip may still be intact. In any case, we recommend that you do not insert the credit card upright but crosswise into the slot. This makes it most likely that the card and the chip on it cannot be used any further.

This is what we liked: 

+ Particle cut (security level P-4) is not a matter of course in this price range.  

+ genie 580 xcd shredder can also handle 10 sheets that are stapled (an average of 3 DINA4 sheets in about 5 seconds).

We did not like that:

Continuous operation is very short at only 2 minutes, and the cooling process is very long at 1 hour. 

GENIE 580 XCD Shredder Review

GENIE 580 XCD Shredder

Processing speed is only 1.5 meters of paper/second. 

Loud initial noise during the processing of 75 dB, hardly quieter than devices for £30.

When emptying the collection bin, paper remains (as with all shredders in this price range) in the cutting unit, which falls down when the cutting unit is lifted and has to be picked up from the floor.

Unfortunately, the printed, multilingual manual (6 pages per language) does not cover the maintenance of the shredder at all, although Genie offers a maintenance kit with oil sheets.

Every shredder needs to be oiled, regardless of the cutting performance – of course, only if you have an interest in reliable and quiet device performance. :o)

The easiest way to do this is probably to use standard lubricant sheets from AmazonBasics. Simply run a sheet of lubricant sheets through after each emptying of the collection container, and you’re done. Most manufacturers link the use of their own lubricants to their warranty. Few suppliers recommend biodegradable, aerosol-free oils (e.g. Fellowes) or standard sewing machine oil. 

So the shredder user has a choice to make. You can also improvise oiling (at your own risk) by taking an A4 sheet and then dripping one or two big W on it from left to right with the oil. The sheet is then shredded – then run the reverse again so that everything is well distributed – and finally run the second side of dry paper through to absorb any excess oil, done. 

We also recommend collecting oil paper separately and disposing of it in the residual waste. By the way, you can clearly hear when a drop of oil is needed again. After oiling, the knives run quieter and lighter again – just like grease. :o)

GENIE 580 XCD Shredder Conclusion:

Overall, the Genie 580 XCD is well thought out and designed for private households with very little paper shredding capacity. It is easy to operate and has interesting additional functions such as the well-designed CD/DVD/card shredding with an extra collection bin, as well as the high-security level P-4.

At the same time, it is very noisy, slow to process (DINA4 sheets in around 5 seconds), and takes almost exactly 1 hour to cool down.

In summary, anyone who wants more security in the disposal of documents in their household and has a limited budget – will certainly find the right device here. As always, the motto is: if you prefer to buy cheaper (i.e. you are not looking for a good price/performance ratio), you will certainly buy 2-3 times.

So it would be easier not to buy the £30 shredder and take a closer look at this model, where price and performance are in a reasonable ratio.

GENIE 580 XCD 4x18mm Cross Cut Shredder
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