Rexel Prostyle+ 2102563 12 Review

Rexel Prostyle+ 2102563 12 Review

First impression:

The first thing you notice about the Rexel Prostyle+ 2102563 12 is that it seems to have been specially built to be squeezed in somewhere (only 224 mm wide), because it is very slim (dimensions LxWxH (approx.): 22 x 41 x 43 cm), with an elegant silver-grey casing and weighing only around 8 kg (without castors) but with an extra slot for CDs/DVDs. It also fits into any desk space and takes up little room there. Another eye-catching feature is the large, frontal viewing window to see the height of the paper shreds cut up with security level P-4 – whereby the viewing window is also shaped as an opener for the paper shreds collection bin. For each A4 page, around 420 shreds fall into the 20-litre (for approx. 200 sheets) pull-out bin at security level P-4 (4x35mm) – this drawer technology is very practical when emptying the bin, as you can often save yourself the paper bag.

As for the controls, the Rexel Prostyle+ only has the “basic” functions: 

  • Automatic start/stop controlled by a sensor (with overheating protection), 
  • Red LED for overheating (thermometer) – everything else with blue LED, as well as 
  • arrow keys for forward and reverse, 

as well as a separate on/off switch on the back. Rexel allows various papers, all staples and for credit cards/CDs/DVDsRexel Prostyle+ 2102563 12 Review there is a separate slot with its own collection bin, although this looks very cheap – not as high quality as the unit. The paper is processed into 4×35 mm shreds – this corresponds to security level P-4 (according to DSGVO of 2018 or DIN 66399-2).

The cutting performance for paper is very high, the performance for credit cards/CDs/DVDs with up to a 4-strip cut is only average (incl. collection bin). However, since CD/DVD/Cards are much more difficult to reconstruct than paper, this is sufficient. TIP: With the credit card chip you have to be careful that it is also “caught” by the knives because it only cuts strips. But at least, according to the manufacturer Rexel, all existing staples and/or paper clips are allowed and do not have to be removed.

We were only able to outsmart the automatic paper jam function once when we folded the last sheet of a 12-sheet pack. The amount of paper is initially recognized as correct and only after the folding does the packet become “too much”. Using the reverse arrow key, we were always able to eject the stuck sheets reliably. Otherwise, the amount of paper was always recognized correctly. If we had inserted too many sheets, the Rexel Prostyle+ detected this correctly and reliably refused to cooperate. The auto-stop sensor works both when the paper basket is removed and when the paper jams. However, we would also have been pleased with a “bin full” automatic.

Cutting performance in the test / review:

The Prostyle+ remains quiet (just under 60 dB in idle mode) in any performance mode and never gets louder than a “normal” office conversation. That means you can’t hear the Rexel paper shredder’s motor from the surrounding office equipment – quite the opposite of many lower-priced devices. In order to shred as much paper as possible, cheap devices have to work with momentum to tackle the pile of paper with enough speed. Similar to cars, where small engines operate at high speeds to develop greater power. Because of the noise, these devices then have to be housed in an extra/copy room. The Rexel Prostyle+, on the other hand, can simply stand under the neighbor’s desk and cut without disturbing. You can even stand right next to it and make a phone call without the other person noticing.

We start with 2 sheets – around 6 seconds runtime. The more sheets we took in the test, the more you can hear that the motor has to work properly – it manages the 12 sheets with effort but without any real problems. However, the performance limit is audibly reached at 12 sheets (in the 80 gsm quality). 

We were able to extend the working time until the cooling phase by forming paper stacks with only 7 sheets per pass instead of the maximum 12 sheets. This allows the continuous load of the Prostyle+ to be extended to over 15 minutes. Why did we then stop the test? Because over 1000 pages had already been cut at that point. That’s enough for all home office users or small offices. Because if you ever have to shred a file folder – filled to the brim, that’s 600 sheets. The 1000 sheets would then be almost 2 folders – that’s enough for the vast majority of users. Oh yes, and besides, we had no more test paper. ;o)

The waste bin (20 liters) offers enough space for about 200 sheets. In between, we stopped briefly and pressed the shreds together by hand. Then about 260 sheets fit in it. However, this also increases the risk of the paper shreds ending up in the top of the cutter again. The best way to prevent this is to empty the shreds when they have just passed the viewing window – or a little earlier. Additionally 

A minor problem – if you don’t see the paper shreds falling anymore, and then don’t empty them out, the Rexel Prostyle+ likes to drop paper shreds between the bin and the wall. Our tip: Once you no longer see the confetti falling in the sight glass, go empty it out to be safe. Or go ahead and have the vacuum cleaner ready. Then, by pushing down again, you create space for 50-80 more pages of paper shreds.

In addition, you should briefly remove the paper dust with a damp cloth after each emptying – since the paper shreds are very fine and the housing is unfortunately not completely dust-tight.

Practical tip: Beware of gusts of wind when emptying – we speak from experience – the fine paper shreds are difficult to pick up from the street floor. It is best to cover the collection drawer with cardboard or similar. And after emptying: run the sheet of oiled paper through as the last step – and occasionally wipe the Rexel Prostyle+ with a damp cloth – done. The problem with the paper dust that occurs, unfortunately, have most shredders that cut so fine. When it comes to using oiled paper, Rexel is unfortunately very specific – according to the instructions, “…no liability for product performance or safety when other lubricants are used.”  

What we noticed positively during the test:

(+) Very quiet (under 60 dB)

(+) Very good cutting performance of 12 sheets (80 gsm quality) with very high-security-4

(+) CDs/DVDs/credit cards with own collection bin

What we noticed negatively during testing:

(-) The credit card chip is not reliably cut in the CD slot 

(-) Only illuminated symbols, no LCD display

(-) Catch basket not completely dust-tight – at high filling level snippets fall between container and wall

(-) Rexel assumes no liability if you don’t use their oiled paper (see above)


The Rexel Prostyle+ offers a very good price-performance ratio in the price class of devices with security levels P-4. The period of 8 minutes of continuous performance advertised by the manufacturer Rexel, can be easily doubled by using less paper. Cooling pauses of around 38 minutes are only to be feared with a permanent maximum load of 12 pages – so, if it has to go really, really fast. If you reduce the paper to 7-8 sheets per pass, the Prostyle+ also runs for 15 minutes at a time and manages over 1000 pages in this time – probably more – we had to stop the test afterward due to a lack of waste paper.

As a small, but from our point of view, necessary improvement for the manufacturer Rexel – an automatic fill level indicator or warning lamp for the next emptying (“bin full”) would have been appropriate from our point of view to get the rating “Perfect” for the Prostyle+. Otherwise, the shredder is fully recommendable for home offices or small offices (with up to 3-4 employees). 

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