Leitz 80010000 IQ Home Office paper shredder Review


Leitz 80010000 IQ Home Office paper shredder Review

The Leitz IQ at a glance:

Leitz IQ SL Home Office document shredder 80010000: The Leitz IQ Slim Home is in the upper league in terms of price, which is primarily reflected in the particle cut size. With the Leitz IQ 80010000, the shredded particles are 4 x 28 mm, but for private use, security level P-4 is still more than sufficient. Leitz donated a packet of oiled paper and a printed instruction manual.


Leitz IQ SL Home Office shredder 80010000 test

Product Information:

Technical details:

brand Leitz
model number 80010000
item weight 6.5kg
product dimensions 35.6 x 23.9 x 42.4 cm
colour White
product count 1
size Particle Cut – 10 Sheets of Paper – Slim Design
manufacturer number 80010000

shredding capacity:

At first glance, the Leitz makes a very good impression. The case looks high-quality and solidly processed. Even in comparison with more expensive devices, the Leitz 80010000 does not have to hide in terms of processing technology. The knife and control unit weighs around 5 kg and therefore appear massive and stand loosely on the 23-liter cutting container. The built-in cable isn’t lavish, so a socket shouldn’t be more than 2 meters away.

What is unusual about the Leitz IQ SL Home Office SLIM is the alignment of the controls in relation to the paper slot. Leitz offers a variant here for offices with little floor space. The other variants of the Leitz IQ SL Home Office have the slot arranged parallel to the direction of the paper, with this Leitz shredder it is offset by 90 degrees. This allows the shredder to be set up lengthways (e.g. under any desk to save space).

Leitz IQ SL Home Office shredder 80010000 test

The controls consist of touch-sensitive buttons, with a real power button on the back. The first button is used to activate the device, the second starts the rewind if the paper should clog the cutter. The third LED indicates the operating status: one indicates operational readiness, one lights up when the cutter is overheated and one when it is clogged.

The illustrations on the Leitz IQ Slim are pictograms and reveal an essential detail: The device is not suitable for continuous operation but after approx. 6 minutes of continuous operation it first has to cool down for a long time (around 50-60 minutes). The shredder is therefore more suitable for smaller quantities and not for destroying entire folders.

Leitz IQ SL Home Office shredder 80010000 test

Leitz promises a cutting capacity of 10 sheets of paper, but this is only achieved under optimal conditions. Since the sheet recognition does not run perfectly, it occasionally happens that the anti-jam function is triggered, even though 10 sheets have been counted exactly. We have found that the Leitz “Home Office Slim” always runs smoothly and quickly with only 8 sheets. If you take more paper, the motor sounds “very strained” and also gets hot faster (measured directly above the slot). Luckily, you don’t have to remove any staples or tacker needles before shredding the paper, because the device shreds these small metal parts at the same time.

Leitz IQ SL Home Office shredder 80010000 test

The noise development during operation (“62 dB at the peak”) can only be described as average. The fill level of the container can only be seen from a viewing window covered with gray plastic on the front of the device, unfortunately, there is no electronic fill level control. The cutting unit must be removed to empty the container. Here we would have wished for a better shape of the two gripping surfaces on the side, because due to the weight of the cutting unit, one is always afraid that the device could slip out of my hand.


What we liked:

  • + Very good, stable and stylish workmanship.
  • + (only) adequate shredding capacity, depending on the purpose (best/fastest up to 8 sheets).
  • + Easy to empty container.
  • + shreds paper clips and staples.
  • + GS certification & 3-year guarantee when registering after purchase on the Leitz homepage.

What we didn’t like:

  • – Permanently installed, quite short power cable.
  • – Clippings viewing window tinted – you can only see the fill level late (from 50%).
  • – no automatic level measurement.
  • – no clippings drawer, motor unit has to be removed, losing snippets.
  • – Recessed grips for emptying e the cutting unit are not well-formed.


Leitz IQ SL Home Office shredder 80010000 test


A solid, compact shredder for the home office or small office without too much paper. Perfect workmanship and quality – standard in this higher price range. The orientation of the cutting unit is unusual – but can be practical depending on the installation location. The cutting capacity of 10 sheets is achieved in the best case, but you should not “feed” more than 8 sheets permanently in order to avoid paper jams and extreme slowdown and the resulting rapid overheating.

6 minutes of continuous running time are not very much but can be enough as long as there is no continuous operation. Relatively long cooling time of around 1 hour. The volume during operation is only average with a peak of 62 dB and is in the middle (the shredder “accelerates” when it detects paper – this causes the short “yelp”). The two side handles for removing the device could also have been shaped better. In return, Leitz allows a three-year guarantee and a GS certification upon registration. This is a real plus for the Leitz IQ Home Office and positively sets it apart from the device price range. Not perfect, but with a good performance for the private home office or small office.


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